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Beaches Curaçao’s Perfect Playas As Nature’s playground for sea turtles and dolphins, Curaçao is also known for its turquoise seas, tropical reefs, secluded outlets, and spectacular vistas. Start with our favorites below – then discover your own. Playa Kalki Klein Knip White sands set against beautiful hills, limestone cliffs, and a green uncrowded environment have earned Playa Kalki a place on Travel + Leisure’s list of the “Best Beaches on Earth.” For the diving enthusiast, the waters are full of natural life and there’s even an old airplane wreck to explore. This pretty beach is often featured on postcards, so bring your camera. Less touristy than other beaches, this small but beautiful stretch of white sand offers great snorkeling, calm blue waters, and an intimate atmosphere. The beach is usually quiet on weekdays, but during the weekend “Little” Knip is a favorite with local families for playing, swim- ming, and barbecues. Facilities are lim- ited, so bring your own food and drinks; sit back and watch the sunset. Location: Northwest Coast Ideal for: Snorkelers, divers, sunbathers Facilities: Parking, shade, snack bar, dive shop Access: By car or taxi Location: West Coast Ideal for: Snorkeling, picnics, sunbathing, families Facilities: Parking Access: By car, taxi, or bus Groot Knip (Playa Kenepa) Playa Jeremi Take the scenic road to one of Curaçao’s best-known beaches with its stunningly beautiful vistas and spectacular sunsets. Surrounded by high rocks, Playa Kenepa is a favorite with both locals and tourists, yet rarely feels overcrowded because it’s so long. Families love the beach because the kids can play safely in its clear blue waters. Playa Kenepa is also a great place for snorkelers, sunbathers, and beach walkers. Visit this secluded cove late in the day to watch a spectacular sunset. Playa Jeremi is a beautiful, pristine stretch of cream- colored sand, surrounded by lush man- grove forests. The clear, calm waters are ideal for snorkelers and the secluded location makes the beach perfect for a serene experience, especially at sunset. Seclusion means few amenities, so bring along your own food and drinks. Location: West Coast Ideal for: Divers, families, sunbathers Facilities: Parking, snack bar Access: By car, taxi, or bus Location: West Coast Ideal for: Snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing Facilities: Parking Access: By car, taxi, or bus E Playa Jeremi 46 Nights