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Attraction Rif Fort’s Renaissance by Susan Campbell New life has been infused into this famous fort. Now you can step back in time to step out in style with fabulous things to do there – day and night! Literally translated as “reef fort” this impressive bastion of defense was built in 1828 to defend Otrobanda and the entrance of St. Annabaai. Once complete, it housed 56 cannons, a water tank, barracks for the soldiers, a gunpowder magazine, and even a special room to house an enormous chain used to cordon off the harbor en- trance against enemy submarines during World War II. It has played an integral role during the tug-of-war for maritime supremacy in the Caribbean between the Dutch, the Spanish, and the British over the centuries, and has since been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 34 Nights Once there was no longer need for military operations, it fell to disrepair until it was beautifully restored and re- developed by the Renaissance Curaçao Resort & Casino. This stellar spot to stay is right in the thick of the Willemstad action with a unique infinity beach and wonderful views of the harbor.